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Sad day that this isn't going too well at the moment. But here I am, sick at home so I figured I'd come on over. Due to my incapacitated state I'm not certain how intelligent these reviews will be. Nonetheless, here they are. Enjoy! :)

Climbing the Stairs by Padma Venkatraman
This is definitely an amazing book. I loved it so much.
This is a story about a girl in India during WW2 and around the time of Gandhi and the freedom fights. In the highest caste, rather liberal uprising. Her father is a freedom fighter and she dreams of going to college. One fateful day; however, her father gets hurt and the family is required to move in with his father. This new conservative household threatens to change who these people are. With marriage, college, war, and social status creating conflicts throughout, this novel is amazing.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

 Okay. So I feel kind of late getting on board with this book. But now that I have read it, I can definitely see what makes people like it so much. This novel is a nice quick read and although it is the beginning of a series, it really does do well on its own. Be warned, this book is one of those scifi - not in the stars wars-y way, but rather different worlds and dimensions and people who are immortal (and no vampires!). I really enjoyed this, and I can't wait till the next book comes out!

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
      This book is so freaking wonderful. I can't even begin to explain. This novel is very dense, therefore making it a very long read, and there are parts where it just gets so very boring. But oh my goodness, this book is amazing. I love love love it. There are so many deep and wonderful passages. Ah! sigh! ok. So. This novel is about a boy who lives in South Africa during WW2 and when the apartheid was implemented. He was English and as a young kid he went to a Boar boarding school. Culture conflict! And so the book continues adding in born again Christians (controversy!), exploration, racism, and all that is fun and good. And sad and mean. There is death and abuse and alcoholism. :)
*If going to buy this, make sure you get the real novel (two covers that I have seen, pictured above) rather than the children's condensed version :)

Maus I & II by Art Spiegelman
 and . Umm, okay. I don't normally not finish books. But these two were definitely two that I could not get through. They are graphic novels about the Holocaust. I personally think graphic novels are fine, and I love reading/learning about the Holocaust. So, the fact that I could not finish these books surprises and saddens me. First and foremost, I believe that the actual artwork was sometimes distracting me from the story line (although the cool mouse and pig and cat imagery was kind of cool). Also, I felt like the narration was too annoying. HOWEVER, there are so many people I have talked to who have loved these books so I really think reading them is at least worth a try.

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
 This is yet another graphic novel. I really really enjoyed reading this. The book has three stories in it. Each story takes turns in telling itself, alternating chapters. This is funny, offensive (you'll see why. But for those concerned, there is a Chinese character who is horribly stereotyped), and the ending is amazing. Even if you're not a graphic novel sort of person, I would definitely go and pick this up. So good!

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Okay. So this was really cool to read. This graphic novel is Marjane Satrapi's memoir of life during the Islamic Revolution. 1) How cool is that? I barely any idea what the Islamic Revolution was, but this book really brought so many things to light. It was so eye opening to read about this culture that is so vastly different from my own. 2) The voice of this novel is so easy going and truthful. She is able to mix humor with absolute sorrow, not only in her words but also in the pictures.  Wow. 

Paper Towns by John Green
Books I've Read That  You Might Like part 5Okeydokey. So, I don't even know how to describe the plot of this book. Not because it is nonexistent; but rather, there are so many different ideas that the simple 'girl runs away to a place that doesn't exist(not this isn't not fantasy), boy goes to find her, and in the end they go their separate ways' doesn't seem to suffice. Point is, it's good.

Now I am going to go. Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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