Monday, December 8, 2008


Welcome to the new blog for Like OMG Teens Read. Here are some questions and answers that will guide you along who we are and what we will do with this site:
  • What is Like OMG Teens Read? It is a message board located at where all genres of books like fantasy, drama, mystery, etc. are discussed through the creation of topics and replies by fellow members.
  • Is it free to join? Yes. 100%. You should join... now.
  • What is this blog for? This blog is for our "newsletter". It took too much time and effort to get together our writers and to write about a new book coming out, an author of the month, a quote of the month, rally together a contest, and the whole nine yards every month. So we decided we could make a Blogger blog where we could post when we want (and have the inspiration) about what we want.
  • What kinds of things can I expect to see posted on this blog? Book releases stories, author interviews, book discussions, stories on real-life happenings in the book world, and much more.
  • Can I contribute to this blog? YES. We'd love for you to contribute. Just e-mail whatvanessareads (at) with the subject line "LOTR Blog" with your Blogger e-mails o I could add you to the authors. We'd love for you to become a member of our message board first though, and you can just go to and join... it takes 3 minutes. 
Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you come back to see more happening soon. :)

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Genevieve said...

Lol, I find it funny that you're blog is LOTR... Lord of the Rings? No it's Like OMG Teens Read!